Berlin Glas is turning 5 and we are having a party!


Berlin Glas e.V. is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and invites you to the Vernissage of


One Night Event On Friday, December 9th, from 19:00

3.Berlin Becher Triennale
curated by Julius Weiland (catalogue will be available)

Andreas Amrhein ∙ Angelika Arendt ∙ Peter Böhnisch ∙ Jessica Buhlmann ∙ Margret Eicher ∙ Claas Gutsche ∙ Bretz / Holliger ∙ John Isaacs ∙ Isabel Kerkermeier ∙ Silvia Levenson ∙ Kate Nixon ∙ Tanja Rochelmeyer ∙ Stefan Sehler ∙ Caro Suerkemper / Livia Polidoro ∙ Dino Steinhof ∙ Roberto Uribe Castro ∙ Johannes Vogl ∙ Susanne Wehr ∙ Peter Young ∙ Stephen and Andrea Wilks

Glassblowing Demonstration
Jesse Günther, Sadhbh Mowlds & Rudy Faulkner

The 3. Berlin Becher Triennial (3.BBT) is curated by Julius Weiland, a professional artist living and working in Berlin. He is one of the founding members of Berlin Glas, and most recently has joined our team to teach mold-making and introducing casting to the studio. The 3. BBT is the sequel to the 1. Berlin Becher Biennial, curated in 2010 by artist Scott Chaseling and the 2.BBT curated by artist Justin Ginsberg in 2013.

Originally meant to be a biennial exhibition, Chaseling proposed the idea of a show centred on a cup after seeing the Small Sculpture Biennale in Bavaria in 2010. Rather than an open sculpture exhibition, he wanted it based around the vessel but not restrict the material to glass. The establishment of Berlin Glas e.V. took priority during the last 3 years, and as a result, the Becher Biennial was put on hold. In May 2013, Chaseling and Idriss came up with the idea to reprise the show and invited Ginsberg to curate it. Ginsberg changed the title to Berlin Becher Triennial. We are honoured to have Julius Weiland curate the 3rd Becher Triennial!