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Welcome to Berlin Glas e.V.

celebrating 10 years of glass making in Berlin

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Berlin Glas e.V. celebrates the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022!

All of us at Berlin Glas is hoping 2022 is off to a good start!

We are very excited that this year has been named by the United Nations as the International Year of Glass! There will be lots of activities - globally - celebrating our favourite material, and we can’t wait to start! For more information and to follow the schedule of activities, visit the IYOG2022 website here

Here is a list of the events we are planning at Berlin Glas:

February 22-24: 3-day Youth Workshop with Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste Seven young adults (18-20) are with us for a 3-day workshop that includes an introduction to mould-making/mould-blowing, glass fusing, and making their own paperweight!

 April 2022 (dates TBD): Our Traditional Wood-fired furnace is coming to the Monopol this Spring! A wood-fired furnace is an amazing project to bring people together, make art objects, and have some fun! Glass blowing has a long, historical tradition that dates back to around 2000 years, and to celebrate its history, we plan to rebuild the traditional furnace we made in Bernau in 2018 on the Monopol complex. The furnace is made with high-fire bricks and adobe and will take around a week to construct.

July 3-8: Participation in the 26th International Congress on Glass Our director, Nadania Idriss will present a paper on the successful ways glass is a vector for community building.

August 2022 (dates TBD): Lustre workshop with Abbas Akbari and the Museum of Islamic Art Contemporary, Iranian ceramicist Abbas Akbari will lead a workshop on traditional lustre firing. Lustre wares have a strong relationship to glass and we can’t wait to learn all about it. Following the ceramics congress in Vienna, this workshop was originally slated to be at Berlin Glas in  2020. So we are thrilled that it will happen this year.

September 16: Ennion Mould Glassblowing Fun: Ancient Glass X 3-D Technology We are looking forward to inviting Torsten Rötzsch back to the studio for a public event that will be centred on historical Roman glass and news ways of replicating it. Taking one of the Ennion jugs ( we made in 2016, we have scanned and made a mould that is 3-D printed. The event will be a cozy evening of music, history, and of course glass blowing! Stay tuned for more information.

November 14-18: Workshop with Karen & Jasen Willenbrink-Johnsen This workshop is drawn from Karen and Jasen's long experience in sculpting glass. They will present experimental ways of working glass so ideas can materialize. Demonstrations will include a variety of techniques in using colour, torch work, and the use of customized tools. The class will concentrate on both blown and solid forms with an emphasis on teamwork and use our new garage to construct parts! Students will have time to work out their ideas daily. Plan to work hard and have a blast!




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