Board of Directors (Der Vorstand)

Nadania Idriss (founder and director)
Nadania is the founder and director of Berlin Glas. She is from California originally and along side running the studio, she is writing a PhD in art history at the Freie University in Berlin.

Clementine Schack von Wittenau (secretary)
Clementine is the former director of the prestigious European Museum of Modern Glass in the Coburg Veste. She has written many important books and articles on contemporary glass, and served as editor in chief of Glashaus Magazine.

Hans-Martin Lorch
Hans-Martin Lorch (treasurer)
Hans-Martin is an architect by training and currently owner and director of Lorch + Seidel contemporary. Hans – Martin has been part of Berlin Glas since its opening in 2011.

Youssef El-Khoury (auditor)
Youssef completed a PhD in architecture at the TU Berlin in 2015. Originally from Lebanon, he is currently working as exhibition designer at the Pergamon Museum. Youssef is one of the original founding members of Berlin Glas.

Franziska Springer
Franziska Springer (advisor)
Franziska Springer studied glass design in Austria, and since 1997, she has built her practice in Berlin. She recently completed a degree in architecture, and in 2015, inspired us to start our Fusing Lab and Kiez Fusing programme, for which she is the lead instructor!

Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz (advisor)
Amy is the founding director of The Studio at the world-renown Corning Museum of Glass. She has been on the Berlin Glas Board since May 2016.

Jay Macdonell
Jay Macdonell (advisor)
Jay is a founding member of Berlin Glas, and has been a constant support and mentor for the studio ever since it was still an idea! He is a professional artist based in Victoria, BC, Canada, and the Education Coordinator at the Pilchuck Glass School.

Jeff Ballard (advisor)
Jeff is a professional artist based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. He is one of the original founding members of Berlin Glas and helped start the Kids Blow Glas Programme in 2012.