Exhibition | “Concurrent” by Madisyn Zabel

Berlin Glas is delighted to have “Concurrent” by Madisyn Zabel, an installation celebrated in a pop up event in July 2017. Still to see in the studio.

Glass installation at Berlin Glas by Madisyn ZabelVisiting artist from Townsville (Australia) Madisyn Zabel is taking over one of the hidden rooms at Berlin Glas with an installation capturing the contrasts and the tensions that exist between three-dimensional objects and their flat representations. She creates a dialogue between geometrical forms made out of glass and their projected shapes in space. Opposing positive and negative forces, this visual collision invites us to rethink the space, the volume and the relationship between virtual and physical shapes.

Graduated from Australian National University (ANU) School of Art (Canberra) in 2015, Madisyn Zabel received a grant from Australia Council for the Arts to work further on her artistic research at the Berlin Glas studio. The installation “Concurrent” is the result of her 2 month residency in Berlin. She is also part of the exhibition “Collaborative Endeavour III: contemporary art from Canberra-Berlin”, taking place until the 15th of September at the Australian Embassy Germany in Berlin.