Glassblowing with Ned Cantrell


  • Minimum 2 persons (max 6)
  • 21-23 September 2017
  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • Instructor: Ned Cantrell
  • 500€ (taxes included)
  • Intermediate Level

Hot Sculpting
Liquid glass can be a cantankerous material to sculpt. This class will focus on techniques to give you more control over the blob of hot material on the end of your blowpipe. We will be exploring the use of torches, assembling techniques, use of the garage, color application, cane drawing, inside sculpting, specialised punties…
We will be working with both solid and hollow forms, with each their own possibilities and limitations.
You need a mess of help to stand alone. Hot sculpting is all about teamwork. We will be working closely together in teams to help each other realise our ideas.

Ned Cantrell graduated in England in 1997 and has been running his workshop in Denmark, together with Karen Nyholm, since 2004.
Over the years, he has absorbed a range of techniques for blowing and hot-sculpting glass which he excretes in an eclectic and unique mix of styles and disciplines.
Ned utilises symbols of pop culture and consumerism such as trash, tattoos and science fiction.
Exploring the contradiction between the objects’ kitschy spirit and the finesse of craftsmanship.
His work has been widely exhibited in Europe, Asia and USA and he has taught at, amongst others, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Pilchuck Glass School, USA.