Kiez Mobil

“Hello, world”! 🙂  The Kiez Mobil is about to get rolling!

The idea for a mobile fusing cart started in January when we were invited to hold a workshop in Bernau, a suburb of Berlin. We found a broken suitcase that someone left in the studio, filled it with the supplies we needed, and jumped on the S-Bahn for the half hour ride. The workshop worked so well, that when classes at the studio were cancelled, we offered the option to travel on-site, instead.

The suitcase was not in the best of shape, so we applied for a grant from our neighbourhood council – QM-Letteplatz – and got it! And with Jesse Günther´s amazing skills, we built the small cart that will hold all the glass and materials we need to run awesome classes anywhere in and around Berlin!

We are, therefore, thrilled to introduce to our friends the Kiez Mobil!


You can catch the Kiez Mobil´s whereabouts on Facebook: @Kiezmobilefusing, Instagram: @kiezmobil, and Twitter: @kiez_mobil , and if your school or organization would like to book a class, please send us an email to
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