Made in Australia Exhibition

MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Emerging Design from Canberra & Adelaide

Luke Chiswell, Rose-Mary Faulkner, Emeirely Nucifora-Ryan, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Nicholas Doran Adams, Emma Young, Renato Perez, Kristel Britcher,
Liam Fleming, Billy James Crellin

30 June – 21 July, 2017

Benhadj&Djilali Galerie für Design
Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin
Phone: 030 54491509

This exhibition is organised within the framework of Australia now Germany 2017 and in partnership with the Canberra Glassworks and the JamFactory, Australia. Australia now is a year-long program to showcase Australian culture in Germany, highlight new collaborations and deepen networks across a variety of fields, such as visual and performing arts, cinema, photography, sport, science and technology.

About the artists

from Canberra:
Luke Chiswell
Rose-Mary Faulkner
Emeirely Nucifora-Ryan
Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello
Nicolas Doran Adams

from Adelaide:
Emma Young
Renato Perez
Kristel Britcher
Liam Fleming
Billy James Crellin