Creative Europe

We are very excited to announce the successful funding of a new collaborative project called Imagining Sustainable Glass Network Europe (ISGNE)!

Partnering up with North Lands Creative in Scotland, Stikla Maja in Latvia, and the National College of Art and Design in Ireland, over the next 4 years, we will create opportunities for mobility, idea sharing, and learning between artists and makers who use glass in their work.

Berlin Glas will endeavour to become a platform for emerging artists and New Berliners, giving them the opportunity for research, to develop and share ideas through teaching and community outreach, create new bodies of work, and travel within Europe.

The future of learning and opportunity is becoming a peer-to-peer endeavour, and we are thrilled to present a programme that will take this contemporary approach. 

Our first workshop within the framework of ISGNE takes place this Autumn.Come join us! Information here.


Glass is more!