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Non-profit? So what does that e.V. at the end of the name Berlin Glas mean, anyway?

e.V. is the German abbreviation for eingetragener Verein, a registered association. It doesn’t always mean non-profit. You have to apply for non-profit status following the registration. Berlin Glas became a registered association on 31 August 2009, and in 2010, we received non-profit status from the City of Berlin, with a special note from the department head of the registry congratulating us!

One of our main objectives as a non-profit is to create a platform, where young people can have access to this extraordinary art-form – for free!

Each year we create programmes that help expand this endeavour, and we now have 4 that involve both glassblowing and glass fusing. The kids we work with range from teenagers to children as young as 5 years old. We have an internship programme that allows kids who have been through one of the workshops to carry on helping us organise subsequent classes for youths; and most recently, we created a colouring book about glassmaking, written by one of the kids who had taken a Kids Blow Glas workshop!

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