Non-profit? So what does that e.V. at the end of the name Berlin Glas mean, anyway?

e.V. is the German abbreviation for eingetragener Verein, a registered association. It doesn’t always mean non-profit. You have to apply for non-profit status following the registration. Berlin Glas became a registered association on 31 August 2009, and received non-profit status from the City of Berlin, with a special note from the department head of the registry congratulating us, the following year, in November 2010.

logo_youth-programmes_1200pxOne of our main objectives as a non-profit is to create a platform, where young people can have access to this extraordinary art-form – for free! We have, thus far, created 3 projects that involve both glassblowing and glass fusing. The kids we work with range from teenagers to children as young as 5 years old. Kiez Practicum allows kids who have been through one of the workshops to carry on helping us organise subsequent classes. And soon, on the horizon, is a small booklet about glassmaking for kids, written through the eyes and experience of some of the kids who have been to Berlin Glas.

Did you know that each time you take a class, you are supporting Berlin Glas e.V. ´s 3 different youth programmes! THANK YOU!!

Have a look at our youth programmes:

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