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The Burnt Asphalt Family is coming to Berlin 3-8 July 2023

Berlin Glassworks is thrilled to welcome Erica Rosenfeld and Jessica Jane Julius founders of the collective The Burnt Asphalt Family for a 6-day intermediate-level workshop in July!

The class will focus on creating sculptural and utilitarian forms to pair with and serve food. Over the course of 5 days, students will create individual sculptures and glassware, build skill sets, and explore their interests. The class will culminate on the 6th day in a participatory art installation. We will cover multiple traditional and alternative glass techniques to examine design, installation, display, and rethinking the function of glass and food as materials. The demonstrations will be geared towards students’ interests and include blowing, blowing molds, bit working, coldworking, and alternative connection processes.

The Burnt Asphalt Family uses food because it has the ability to tell stories about history, ritual, tradition, memory, class structure, and crossing cultures as well as art, craft, and design. Students are encouraged to find some of these themes in their own work. A love of teamwork, food, art, design, and community is necessary.

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