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Nadania Idriss (Chairperson)
Nadania Idriss is a California transplant, founder of both Berlin Glas e.V. and Berlin Glassworks, and co-founder of the lighting brand ANALOG. Born in Berkeley California, she has a specialization in medieval art and architecture in the Middle East. Nadania is currently the Vice President of the Glass Art Society.

Viviane Stroede (treasurer)
Having a background in Journalism, Visual Media and International Politics, Viviane Stroede started working with glass in 2018. She is a glass sculptor whose previous experiences with conflict studies and communication inform her artistic narrative. Viviane is co-owner and Assistant Studio Manager at Berlin Glassworks.

Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz
Amy is the founding director of The Studio at the world-renown Corning Museum of Glass. She has been on the Berlin Glas Board since May 2016.

Jay Macdonell
Jay Macdonell
Jay is a founding member of Berlin Glas, and has been a constant support and mentor for the studio ever since it was still an idea! He is a professional artist based in Vancouver, Canada, and Manager of Material Exploration at BOCCI.

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