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Like many of our brilliant colleagues have done this year in 2020, we developed a way to ensure our community outreach programmes will not go to a complete stop.

So… introducing the Kiez Mobil [in a box] To-Go!

Inside this box you will find everything you will need to facilitate your own Kiez Mobil workshop. All you have to do is collect the box from the Berlin Glas studio and then return the box with the unfired tiles at the end of the workshop. We will fuse the tiles, which you can then collect yourself, or we can mail them to you.

Glass fusing is a fun way to engage kids in a unique activity with a material that is often considered something not suitable for children. However, fusing glass is a wonderful art form and one that inspires concentration. It is great for encouraging team-work, too! 

The Kiez Mobil To-Go box has the following supplies:

  • Kiez Mobil colouring book
  • Clear panels of glass cut to 15cm x 15cm – each child gets one panel
  • Stringers – these are long strings of glass that can be broken with your fingers!
  • Coloured glass in separate boxes
  • Clear glass scraps for practicing cutting
  • Clear paper 
  • Pens
  • Glass cutters 
  • Goggles – Please make sure the kids are wearing them at ALL TIMES
  • Glasstac in small plastic cups – this is a glue that does not dry 100%
  • Paint brushes for the Glasstac
  • Pliers
  • First-aid plasters 
  • 3 example pieces

We have created a how-to video that will help you with the class, too, which you can find it on our YouTube channel.

Like the Kiez Mobil, the To-Go box is made only for public youth centres and schools. Please contact us if you would like to book a workshop – we look forward to organizing one with you!

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