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“Hello, world”! 🙂  The Kiez Mobil is underway!

What we do:

Since 2017, Kiez Mobil has been offering bi-monthly glass fusing workshops for children led by instructors in English and German. To date, we’ve been lucky to work with extraordinary kids at refugee homes, youth clubs, community centres and art galleries. This unusual opportunity for kids from diverse backgrounds encourages confidence and creativity whilst forming bonds among workshop leaders and participants.

Fusing glass together with heat is an ancient technique that involves decorating a glass plate with layers of small cut, coloured glass that the children learn to cut themselves. Each workshop is devised around a particular theme, be it related to the seasons, inspired by local events or experimenting with a specific technique. At the end of the session the panels are collected in a box and taken to the Berlin Glas studio to be fired overnight in a kiln at 780° C. The result is a colourful artwork that is sent back to the children the next day.

The activity is safe for kids as young as 5 years old, and limitless in its possibilities to inspire creativity!

What we offer:

*Kiez Mobil will travel to anywhere within zones A,B or C Berlin.
*Two instructors will come fully equipped with all the tools and materials needed for the workshop.
*Children from 5 years and up can participate.
*Groups of up to 15 are possible.
*Sessions run for 2 hours.
*Workshops are instructed in German or English.
*Developing fine motor skills and learning a new technique.
*Strengthening confidence and creativity.

If you are interested in learning more about the fascinating world of glass fusing, book in a Kiez Mobil workshop! We’d love to hear from you.

Berlin Glas e.V. /
+49 (0) 176 228 61546

You can catch the Kiez Mobil´s whereabouts on Facebook: @Kiezmobilefusing, Instagram: @kiezmobil, and Twitter: @kiez_mobil 
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